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Instructions for Quizzes

  • The courses are divided into two parts. First part is lessons and the second part is quiz.
  • After going through each lesson, you have to “mark it complete” before moving onto the next lesson.
  • After studying the lessons, you may start the quiz.

* Note: The best way to complete the course is to open the lessons and the quiz in two separate windows so you can learn the lesson and do the quiz simultaneously. 


Conflict Resolution (CR) & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Conflict Resolution (CR)

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Identify, Prevent and Manage Workplace Bullying

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What Our Students Have to Say

I am able to identify bullying and harassment and will be more confident in seeking help or report incidences.
Kelvin Black
As an HR practitioner I found a lot of the information matched what I already knew about bullying.
Zasha Swan
If I look at this from the view of a person who is being exposed to this information for the first time then definitely I will have learnt something.
Frank Jones
There were a lot of strategies and models that were easy to remember, it wasn’t an overload of content – key points were reinforced well throughout the presentation and then learning was tested in quiz at the end of each section. Knowing there was a quiz at the end of each section also encourages attention to be paid to the content.
Jack Brownn